What is Cube Champion?

Cube Champion aims to bring the world of e-Sports, with all its production values, to the Minecraft PvP community. Instead of only seeing one side of a PvP match at a time, Cube Champion is designed to bring ALL the action of a match to its audience, with multiple “Camera Players” flying around the map, live commentators giving a play-by-play, and even each team’s voice-chat integrated into the production! All of this is happening LIVE during the match while you watch!

Why should I fight?

While at first glance, for the participant, it appears as though Cube Champion is just another PvP match and the real advantage is for the audience at home.  But being a part of a commentated match allows players to show off their skills and have others praise them for it. And as time goes on, and regular players emerge, their fame and glory will spread! Also, Cube Champion wants to support all those who participate in their matches by encouraging people to watch our participants videos after the match – so they can get a more in-depth look at one persons (or one teams) perspective than what may have conveyed during the broadcast. For an up-and-coming YouTuber, this will be a great advantage!

Why should I watch?

Well, if you enjoy watching any kind of professional sporting events on TV, like baseball, football, soccer, hockey, basketball or any others, you already understand the kinds of production quality you’ll see during a Cube Champion match. We’re not just here to show you a PvP match, we’re here to entertain you. Our commentators are funny as well as knowledgeable.

Where did Cube Champion come from?

Cube Champion is a project developed by brothers, MonkeyDKS and Abrasaxus.  Monkey works in a TV studio and covers both football and baseball regularly, while Abrasaxus has been doing freelance video work since he was in college, so they decided to combine their two loves to help make Minecraft PvP even better than it is now.  The crew are all local Minecrafters who just love the game and want to help out.  Each filming day results in a LAN party where each Camera Player feeds their video to one main-machine so it can be “switched” live between the various views.  We also have a team of moderators flying around the game making sure people don’t get stuck or lost, as well as keeping an eye out for players who might not be following the rules as perfectly as we might want them to.

Where do you film?

We are filming at a Cable Access station north of Boston in Massachusetts.  Cable Access stations like this are all over the country and are more than willing to help just about anyone create a show for any topic!  Admittedly, our show requires a bit more technical knowledge than most Cable Access stations may have, but they’re perfectly willing to have us  use their space and air our show on real TV as well as on our YouTube and Twitch pages.  If you want to do something like this in your area, feel free to contact monkeydks@gmail.com and he’ll be more than happy to help you get in touch with your local station, or Chelmsford’s if you’re close enough!