Getting closer!

Our pilot episode is getting closer, and things are really starting to come together! We have the most of the equipment we need, and we now have a logo and most of the website done (for now, there’s a lot more coming after we film the pilot episode!)

So let’s talk about WHAT we’re actually doing! Imagine sitting at home and watching a sporting event on TV like Football, or baseball, or hockey. At the arena’s, there is a full crew of camera operators, sound engineers, graphics operators, and most importantly, a director!

Well that’s what we’re doing for Cube Champion! Instead of live stadium or arena though, we’re making a LAN party with a whole bunch of computers! We’ll have camera operators controlling invisible players each sending their video to a central streaming computer! On that computer is the director and he can choose between any of those “cameras” or a multiple of those cameras!

But that’s the easy part! Anyone can do that and watch some PvP. But what really makes this an E-Sports event is our snarky live match commentary by two hilarious color commentators who will be LIVE in-studio! Along with their audio, we’re also setting up a teamspeak voice server so the audience at home can listen in to the teams when something interesting is happening. That’s possible through a professional audio mixer and a audio engineer.

Our crew is a mixture of longtime Minecraft players as well as a handful of professional sports broadcasters who just happen to love the game as much as anyone else! This will be as professional as we can make it, with improvements coming as we upgrade our equipment. As far as the pilot goes, we’ll be doing it for as little out-of-pocket as possible while still maintaining a high standard of production value! We plan to do more as we get more money, but we’ll still have enough when we start to make things pretty awesome!

I can’t wait for January 12 to see how this all comes together, so make sure to sign up and be a part of this historical pilot episode!