Happy New Year!! And with the New Year, here’s another update on what’s happening with Cube Champion!

First of all, right before the new year, we had a production meeting with some of our crew for the production to give them a better idea of what each of them will be doing on game day. It was a really good meeting! A lot of the plans that were still only half-formed are now a lot more thought out! We had a great meeting and even added a few things, and tested out a few things we still weren’t quite sure about before we sat down together.

We also made the decision at that meeting to move back the Pilot episode to February 23, 2014. That gives us some more time to do gather some of the other pieces of equipment we still need, run some tests, and we even scheduled a day for a full test, even though that’s inconvenient for those who are volunteering to help us. Our crew is amazing though and they’re willing to be inconvenienced to help make this a reality!

So we have updated the Sign-Up page to reflect our new schedule, we are now playing FOUR games for our first official shooting day! Two of The Walls 2 by Hypixel, and two of Platform Power by Jarren. Please spread the word and get a bunch of people to sign up! It’s going to be a lot of fun!

We also added some more content to the website! We created a calendar using Google Calendar which you can subscribe to right from the calendar page (it’s a button that says +calendar on the bottom right if you use Google Calendars already). We also added menu items to our YouTube and Twitch pages which we will be using to host our media. Feel free to hear on over to those and subscribe so you can be notified when we’re doing things!

So a few changes, a few additions, and a much better idea of what we’re doing! We keep moving forward and February 23rd will be here before we know it!