Three epic games – one crazy day!

Well, our first day of recording is in the can, and it was amazing! We had 25 people participating in the production and more than 40 people watching live! (not to mention all the folks who have watched the recorded game on YouTube) This exceeded our expectations for our pilot episode. When we started this

Rehearsal Weekend!

We’re having a rehearsal this weekend with as much of our crew as can make it. We’ll be gathering all our PC’s for a LAN party, and connecting them all together, as well as getting our commentators used to being on camera and listening to someone give them instructions in their ear while still continuing

Random Streams!

Just a quick update to let you guys know that some of the Cube Champion staff are doing some livestreaming this coming weekend playing The Walls and possibly some Platform Power if we get lucky!  Come join in if you want to meet us!  You can watch at! OR, even BETTER, come join us


We are in full swing trying to get the word out about our February 23rd Opening day Match. And we need YOUR help! Here are the videos we have released recently, and you can help by sharing them on your social media’s! Tell your friends, your families, you enemies, we’re not picky, just tell the

Monkey Mines PvP Day!

Well today we are hosting the Monkey Mines PvP day on our servers and we couldn’t be more excited! We’re going to be playing the two maps we plan to use for our first filming day as well! The reasons for doing this are two-fold. One, it will be nice to test out the server


Happy New Year!! And with the New Year, here’s another update on what’s happening with Cube Champion! First of all, right before the new year, we had a production meeting with some of our crew for the production to give them a better idea of what each of them will be doing on game day.

Getting closer!

Our pilot episode is getting closer, and things are really starting to come together! We have the most of the equipment we need, and we now have a logo and most of the website done (for now, there’s a lot more coming after we film the pilot episode!) So let’s talk about WHAT we’re actually