Submit a Video

If you have been in one of our matches recently, please use this form to submit a video link and we will add it to the appropriate video!  We’ll send all our fans the link as well so they can check out your channel!

Why do we do link to our players videos?

Cube Champion Player PerspectivesWe decided when we first started the project that we wanted to give our audience an overview of the match so they knew what was going on all over the map.  We did this because when We watched PvP matches, we wanted to know, “Hey, how did that last death happen?  How did [Player X] get the drop on [Player Y]?”  And we’d have to either finish the video of the person we were watching and then go watch that other person’s view, or we would switch right then to watch that event on another person’s video and come back.

It was a messy system, BUT, at the same time, by watching from a 3rd person perspective, you don’t get to hear or see all the details from your favorite players, and that’s very important!  We decided that anyone who was willing to watch everyone’s point of view, will continue to do so, but would appreciate having an overview of the whole match first!  So we came up with the best of both worlds!  We provide the overview, and then send our fans to our players videos so you can get more in-depth!  We think it’s a great solution and we hope you do too!